Founded in 1948, Liaoning Railway Vocational and Technical College was originally named Jinzhou Railway Transportation School,which was one of the first 8 professional schools for railway transportation in New China.From 1958 to 1962, it was upgraded to “Jinzhou Railway College” and held undergraduate education; On July of 2005, it was handed over to the Liaoning provincial government, directly under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Ministry of Education; On March of 2008, it was upgraded to higher vocational college. On October of 2013, it was identified as one of the first vocational education reform and development demonstration units in Liaoning province.; In 2017, it was authorized as one of the project construction colleges developing top-level characteristic major groups in Liaoning province.   

        The college now has 7,514 full-time students on campus;On average,the school trains 6,000 cadres and employees for industry and enterprises annually. There are 23 majors correspondence with system of rail transportation operation management , signal control, traction power supply, locomotive power, vehicle outfitting, line construction and maintenance and communication information.Currently,taking provincial-level demonstration majors as the core, railway transportation specialties as the backbone, equipment manufacturing and information  technology as the support,a new pattern with 1 national-level demonstration major,1 national-level ICT industry innovation base,7 province-level demonstration majors,2 provincial top-level characteristic major groups as well as 1 province-level demonstration training base., has basically come into being.

        We now have 305 faculty members,including 138 with master’s degree;9 resident teachers from ZTE,and 78 part-time teachers;The number of professors and associate professors is 100 and 79% of whom are “dual-skilled” with 1 national outstanding teacher, 5 teaching masters of Liaoning Province, 4 star teachers in national rail transportation industry, 2 major leaders of Liaoning Province, 7 major leaders of rail transportation industry, 15 outstanding young people of Liaoning Province.

        The College occupies a total area of 206 mu, including a construction area of 120 thousand square meters , total value of 350 million Yuan in fixed assets, teaching and experiment equipment amounting to 80 million Yuan.The library occupies the construction area of 9995 square meters, with more than 280 thousand books and 200 thousand e-books,more than 10 kinds of database;Besides, there are 1.5 thousand computers and high-speed wireless network covering the campus.

        We have 13 on-campus training centers equipped with advanced equipment(80 training rooms). And the rail transportation comprehensive training base which has been ranked as one of the 29 province-level training bases covers 5000 square meters and can be shared by students with different majors for practical training. Our train reception and departure training base, computer interlocking training base, simulation traction substation, electric locomotive driving simulation training base, EMU inspection and repair training base and high-speed railway track structure and detection training base have reached the first-class level of similar colleges. There are also 73 off-campus training bases which are co-funded by the college and enterprises

        Ever since the foundation of our college,relying on the rail transportation enterprises, it has deepened college-enterprise cooperation, comprehensively strengthened connotation construction, and rapidly improved its educational level.Now it is one of the first vocational  demonstration colleges、the project construction of top-level characteristic major groups as well in Liaoning province. In 2018, our college obtained the 2nd prize of nation-level teaching achievements.In 2019, it has been successfully selected for top 50 student management in national vocational colleges, awarded“National Committee of the May 4th Red Flag Youth League ”and“National Railway Committee of the May 4th Red Flag Youth League”,which is the only higher vocational college to be so honored in Liaoning province.In addition, the college has successively been crowned: Pioneer Unit of Provincial Vocational Education; Provincial Advanced Spiritual Civilized Unit; Safe Campus of Liaoning Province, etc.

        The number of planned enrolment is 1,000 students for 5 consecutive years, however, applicants exceeded 4,000. The minimum admission score for college entrance examination exceeds the undergraduate admission control line, ranking the forefront of Liaoning Province.

        The graduate employment rate has maintained above 95% and that of their counterparts at 85% and up. A good employment pattern with high employment rate, good employment quality, high starting salary, strong employment stability and good job development prospects has basically been formed.

        Over 30 of our graduates have been awarded as national “May lst Labour Medal” and “Role Model Medal”, and more than 340 of them have won various national or industry/enterprise skill competitions in the past five years.

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